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Guide and Captain, Harold King

Liscensed by the State of Maine as a qualified fish, game and recreational outdoor guide. Harold was an outdoorsman as soon as he was old enough to cast a fishing rod and strong enough to draw a bow. Harold knows outdoor survival techniques and navigational skills to ensure your group/family has a safe and successful excursion. Moosehead Area Guide Service specializes in fishing charters, recreational boating, and more in the Moosehead lake area of Maine.
Moosehead Lake Area Quick Facts
Miles of Mainstream Rivers in the Moosehead Lake Area
Square miles of total territory
Ponds and lakes in the Moosehead Lake territory
Total acres of Moosehead Lake alone!
Gallery of Some Excursions

Moosehead Area Guide Services
17 Beech Rd
Greenville Junction, ME


We Service:
Moosehead Lake
Brassua Lake
Indian Pond
Upper/Lower Wilson Pond
And More..

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